Talk:Snowy Valley Stamps



SSBB Crazy 7 June 2009

Alright, since we are now doing item pages grouped together I'm going to have to drop some info. for each item, specifically how you can find the items. The only thing I'm worried about is how I'm going to do Battledome items because they will require even more boxes for info and it might get squished together. D:

Also, I would like to know what you prefer for "Est. Price", either the price Neopets gives the item in it's info. box or the actual price. (they both vary and the actual price is obviously more on key, but is "opinionated", not factual, unless I provide a source}

Another thing is, I won't be able to get certain info. on items unless I own the item, and obviously some of these items can cost me up to 450 Million Neopoints, and I only have around 250 Thousand Neopoints, so if you have info. that I do not please fill it in.

Lastly, I was also thinking about providing links that automatically take you to the Shop Wizard, Auction, Trade, and Store searches with the item already in the search box, but I need to find out how to link using pictures and I would have to find room, so I am thinking of removing the tag section. If only that bar on the left was invisible. XD