Sea Shells (Stamp Album)


This article is a directory of Stamps, for information on individual Sea Shells please see: Sea Shells.

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The Sea Shells (Stamp Album) is a section in the Stamp Album in Neopets. Most can be bought at the Collectable Sea Shells Shop.

The Shells

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Green Clam Shell.gif
Green Clam Shell
Purple Scallop Shell.gif
Purple Scallop Shell
Glossy Blue Shell.gif
Glossy Blue Shell
Green Smooth Shell.gif
Green Smooth Shell
Tangerine Trumpet Shell.gif
Tangerine Trumpet Shell
Brown Spotted Shell.gif
Brown Spotted Shell
Rainbow Coloured Shell.gif
Rainbow Coloured Shell
Spiky Shell.gif
Spiky Shell
Crimson Spotted Shell.gif
Crimson Spotted Shell
Camouflage Scallop Shell.gif
Camouflage Scallop Shell
Pink Curly Shell.gif
Pink Curly Shell
Shiny Purple Cowry Shell.gif
Shiny Purple Cowry Shell
Blue Spiral Seashell.gif
Blue Spiral Seashell
Faerie Wings Shell.gif
Faerie Wings Shell
Spiky Orange Murex Shell.gif
Spiky Orange Murex Shell
Sparkly Green Scallop Shell.gif
Sparkly Green Scallop Shell
Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell.gif
Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell
Deep Seashell.gif
Deep Seashell
Purple Spiral Shell.gif
Purple Spiral Shell
Blue and Gold Tube Shell.gif
Blue and Gold Tube Shell
Tiny Golden Shell.gif
Tiny Golden Shell
Matching Pastel Shells.gif
Matching Pastel Shells
Royal Orange Cowry Shell.gif
Royal Orange Cowry Shell
Purple Twirly Shell.gif
Purple Twirly Shell
Golden Shell.gif
Golden Shell

The Avatar

Name Appearance How to Unlock
Stamp Collector - Sea Shells Stamp Collector Sea Shells Avatar.gif Fill in all Stamps in the Sea Shells section of your Stamp Album.
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