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Neopets, Inc. (1999-2005)

Viacom (2005-2014)

Knowledge Adventure (2014-present)

Neopets, Inc. (1999-2005)

Viacom (2005-2014)

Knowledge Adventure (2014-present)
Release Date(s) November 15th, 1999
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Player(s) Single-Player
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Neopets is an interactive website where you can take control of unique pets and get involved in community and site events. Neopets is updated every couple days with new released items and other site features that allow players to make their accounts unique. With over 50 unique pets and a large variety of optional colors, such as Halloween, Christmas, Ice, and Ghost, you will never find two alike accounts.

Along with the pet feature, you can earn neopoints by playing in one of over a hundred different flash games or open a store and sell virtual items. The game offers a large amount of customization.

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