Wheel of Monotony


Wheel of Monotony
Where Tyrannian Plateau
Daily duration Once a day
Owner A Tyrannian Quiggle.
Description "*YAWN* I guess you're here to try the Wheel, right? Well, go on... spin as hard as you can. While you wait for it to stop turning, why not pull up a chair, make yourself a cup of Rancid Dung Coffee, and read a book or something? "

A game of patience and wait until a time has stopped, Wheel of Monotony, where waiting hours for a wheel to stop is the thrill! It cost 150 NPs to spin and hours for the wheel to stop.

If the Quiggle looks at his watch, it means you're halfway there or possibly the wheel glitched a bit and may not be true.

The wheel can be spun once a day normally or twice a day if you given the Right Round Round Round boon from your fraction winning the weekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

[edit] Prizes

When spinning the wheel, one of these outcomes will happen depending on the picture the needle has stopped on:

Name Result
Lightning Bolt You are sent to The Volcano.
Bri Codestone pattern Receive a random normal Codestone.
Flaming torch Receive a random Tyrannian Weaponry item.
Question Mark Receive a avatar.
Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush Receive a Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush.
Yellow Ticket Receive a lottery ticket.
Rock You're active pet lose half it's health.
Tyrannian Paint Brush Receive a Tyrannian Paint Brush.
Bag of Neopoints Receive 5,000 NPs.
Tyrannian Fruit Receive a random Tyrannian Food item.
Blank white paper Receive a Wheel of Monotony themed item.
Coin with light faerie wings Nothing.
Sho Codestone pattern Receive a random Red Codestone
Creature You are sent to The Lair of the Beast, and possibly leaving all your neopets at 1 Hp.
Mazzew Petpet Receive a random Tyrannian Petpet.
Three bags of Neopoints Receive 20,000 NPs.

[edit] Wheel of Monotony themed prizes

Name Appearence Name Appearence Name Appearence Name Appearence
Fungus Ball Ball Fungus Ball Ball.gif Fungus Ball Bean Bag Fungus Ball Bean Bag.gif Fungus Ball Lamp Fungus Ball Lamp.gif GoGoGo Handbook GoGoGo Handbook.gif
I Love Kacheekers T-Shirt I Love Kacheekers T-Shirt.gif Kacheekers Board Kacheekers Board.gif Kacheekers Plushie Kacheekers Plushie.gif Kacheekers Poster Kacheekers Poster.gif
Kacheekers Strategy Guide Kacheekers Strategy Guide.gif Kyruggi Plushie Kyruggi Plushie.gif Pterattack Action Figure Pterattack Action Figure.gif Pterattack Bean Bag Pterattack Bean Bag.gif
Pterattack Game Guide Pterattack Game Guide.gif Pterattack Poster Pterattack Poster.gif Sabre-X Plushie Sabre-X Plushie.gif Sargug Plushie Sargug Plushie.gif
Uggsul Plushie Uggsul Plushie.gif Wheel of Monotony Mug Wheel of Monotony Mug.gif Wheel of Monotony Pen Wheel of Monotony Pen.gif Wheel of Monotony Plushie Wheel of Monotony Plushie.gif
Wheel of Monotony Poster Wheel of Monotony Poster.gif Wheel of Monotony Shirt Wheel of Monotony Shirt.gif

[edit] Avatar

Name Avatar
Wheel of Monotony

Land on the Question Mark spot from the Wheel of Monotony.


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