Wheel of Misfortune


Wheel of Misfortune
Where Deserted Fairgrounds in the Haunted Woods
Daily duration Once every two hours
Owner Unknown Gelert
Description "Who dares to step forward and give the Wheel of Misfortune a spin? For a mere pittance, you can give the Wheel a whirl and see where it lands!"

A dreaded and spooky themed game, The Wheel of Misfortune! With 200 NPs, you can spin the scary looking wheel for prizes and misfortune.

The wheel can be spun once every two hours normally or twice every two hours if you given the Right Round Round Round boon from your fraction winning the weekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

[edit] Prizes

When spinning the wheel, one of these outcomes will happen depending on the picture the needle has stopped on:

Name Result
Red potion Active pet receives a random disease.
Present Receive one randomly picked exclusive Wheel of Misfortune themed prize.
Green colored Petpet Receive a random Spooky Petpet.
Dead-like Neopoint coin Lose a certain amount of Neopoints.
Pile of Sludge A random item in your inventory turns into a Pile of Sludge (Possibly of not happening if your inventory is over max capacity).
Green fiery book Active pet will forget a book read, removing it from the books read log, and needs to read the book again to be put on the log again.
Sack of Neopoints Receive a random amount of Neopoints.
Pant Devil The Pant Devil will steal an item out of your inventory.

[edit] Avatar

Name Avatar
Wheel of Misfortune

Received randomly when spinning the Wheel of Misfortune (Check Neoboards if received).

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