Trumpet of Blasting


Trumpet of Blasting
Trumpet of Blasting.gif
Release Date Unknown
Type Battle Magic
Weight 1 lbs.
Rarity Index 45
Est. Value 57 NP
Description "A powerful blast is released from this trumpet. It causes any creature in its way to be knocked to the ground. Each blast can cause up to 2 points of damage."
Tags None
BD Attack BDair.gif

The Trumpet of Blasting is an item available in Neopets. It can be bought at the Battle Magic store in the Bazaar in Neopia Central.

[edit] Battledome

Simply put, the Trumpet of Blasting is usually considered one of the weakest, if not the weakest of all, weapons in the game. With only 1 icon of air damage, this weapon will not help you win any battles any time soon.

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