The Battledome (Stamp Album)


This article is a directory of Stamps, for information on individual Stamps please see: The Battledome Stamps.

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The Battledome (Stamp Album) is a section in the Stamp Album in Neopets and is based on the weapons of the Battledome. There is also an avatar you can receive for collecting every stamp in this section of the album, however an extremely few users have it because a few of the stamps are immensely rare and expensive.

The Stamps

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
File:Sword Of Skardsen Stamp.gif
Sword Of Skardsen Stamp
Attack Pea Stamp.gif
Attack Pea Stamp
File:Slorg Flakes Stamps.gif
Slorg Flakes Stamp
Faerie Slingshot Stamp.gif
Faerie Slingshot Stamp
Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp.gif
Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp
Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp.gif
Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp
Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp.gif
Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp
Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp.gif
Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp
Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp.gif
Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp
Jewelled Scarab Stamp.gif
Jewelled Scarab Stamp
Rod of Dark Nova Stamp.gif
Rod of Dark Nova Stamp
Jade Scorchstone Stamp.gif
Jade Scorchstone Stamp
Thyoras Tear Stamp.gif
Thyoras Tear Stamp
Exploding Space Bugs Stamp.gif
Exploding Space Bugs Stamp
Monoceraptor Claw Stamp.gif
Monoceraptor Claw Stamp
File:Wand of the Dark Faerie Stamp.gif
Wand of the Dark Faerie Stamp
Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp.gif
Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp
Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp.gif
Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp
Kings Lens Stamp.gif
Kings Lens Stamp
Ring of Sloth Stamp.gif
Ring of Sloth Stamp
Illusens Staff Stamp.gif
Illusens Staff Stamp
File:Shield of Pion Troect Stamp.gif
Shield of Pion Troect Stamp
Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp.gif
Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp
Dark Battle Duck Stamp.gif
Dark Battle Duck Stamp
Battle Slices Stamp.gif
Battle Slices Stamp

The Avatar

Name Appearance How to Unlock
Stamp Collector - The Battledome Stamp Collector The Battledome Avatar.gif Fill in all Stamps in the Mystery Island section of your Stamp Album.
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