SSBB Crazy June 28, 2009

Anyone know how to create sub-categories inside of a category? I would like to make sub-categories inside the item category to seperate the different types of items. (Battle Magic, Defense Magic, Food, Baked, Gift, etc. etc. etc.

Also, sorry that its taking me so long to make the Item pages, a lot of reasearch goes into each one, especially the Battledome items since each has it's own battle attack, defense, effect, and sometimes other things as well. Just so you know for all the item pages I'm making I am actually purchasing the item from the site to have exact info.

Nagare 19:18, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

To make a category become a sub category, just add it to a category. Like to put Battle Magic into Items I would say:

On Battle Magic, add
I would also recommend, if you go that route, to have multiple categories on each item page. Instead of just having the battle magic items categorized into Battle Magic, add them to Items as well. That way they are sorted but not hidden from the top category :).

[edit] Custom Header Colors


Nagare 19:18, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

The heading background (lightest one) isn't really useful at all. It's hard to distinguish it from the page background.

SSBB Crazy 30 June 2009

Well if I used a single color for each header it would look kind of flat, the alternating colors provide a bit of contrast and depth. What do you suggest as a better color?

Nagare 20:31, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

You could try adding a darker border to it to make the color more noticeable.

SSBB Crazy 30 June 2009

I don't understand the template much, but it seems easy enough to change the colors around so I'll add a darker border. (:

[edit] Index


Prometheusx303 18:44, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

In response to this latest revision of Neopets, don't set the index table's width to 100% or it gets pushed down below the Infobox. It's only okay when you have enough plot information or something to separate the top of the infobox and the index so that they're normally not right next to each other. That's why we didn't go with tables in the first place.

SSBB Crazy 30 June 2009

I'll fill in that info. now that way it won't be a problem anymore. ^^

Nagare 17:10, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Looks pretty nice right now :). My only problem is the header for "Games" near the bottom.

SSBB Crazy 2 July 2009

Thanks! Im trying to get the main bulk of information up so people have a good idea on what needs to be worked on. I still can't decide on how I want to do the game section yet though, because listing all the game would be too much, so I might just link to the game categories. (action, puzzle, etc)

Theres still a lot that needs to be done. I need to overhaul all the item pages and bulk them into fewer pages (as suggested by Prometheus) so that there aren't anymore stubs, but that's a really big project since each category can have anywhere up to 200+ items (with pictures) in a category, not to mention the info. I will need on each. So much to do, but lots of Summer left to do it.