Second-Hand Shoppe


Second-Hand Shoppe
Money Second-Hand Shoppe.png
A Yellow Ruki worker
Founding 14th day of Gathering, Y9 (September 14, 2007)
Where The Neopian Plaza
Description "Welcome to the Second-Hand Shoppe! Are you seeking stylish wearable items for your Neopet? Look no further! Here you'll find dozens of fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories... and they're all free, thanks to the kind donations of Neopian citizens."

The Second-Hand Shoppe is located in the center of Neopia Central in Neopets. Similar to the Money Tree and Rubbish Dump, Neopians can donate their non-NC wearables. Most items are trash items from dailies like the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex and a abundance of Pile of Dungs. Anything not daily junk is prioritized by other Neopians.

The limit you can receive is 10 items a day.

[edit] Programed Donators

These famous civilians of Neopia come to the shoppe and donate rarity items r40-r70 randomly:

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