Sand Snowball


Sand Snowball
Sand Snowball.gif
Release Date January 27, 2005
Type Ice Crystal
Weight 2 lbs.
Rarity Index 101
Est. Value 40,000 NP
Description "How they get the sand to stay together is a true marvel! This is a prize from a Lost Desert Scratchcard."
Tags (special)
BD Attack BDfire.gifBDfire.gifBDfire.gifBDfire.gifBDfire.gifBDearth.gifBDearth.gifBDearth.gifBDearth.gif

The Sand Snowball is an item available in Neopets. This type of snowball can only be received randomly by scratching 3 snowballs on a scratchcard from the Lost Desert Scratchcard Koisk in Sakhment inside of the Lost Desert.

[edit] Battledome

With an extremely cheap price from other users and 9 icons this item is one of the best for beginners. Although some complain that there are better ones for around the same price, this snowball is one of the stronger ones.

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