Neggs are a type of food that can be fed to your Neopets. However, certain kinds of Neggs are tradable for tokens at the Neggery in Terror Mountain. You can buy special neggs from the Neggery that affect your neopet.

[edit] Token Neggs

These neggs have no special effect other than as food, however, these neggs can be traded for tokens at the Neggery. Some neggs are not worth any tokens, therefore, you can not give them to the Neggery. These are simply food. The token neggs, depending on what kind, are worth between 1 and 50 tokens, with each kind of negg worth a set value.

[edit] Special Neggs

These are neggs that are available to purchase at the Neggery in exchange for your negg tokens. Hoever, you can find these neggs for sale for Neopoints in user shops, trades, or auctions.

These neggs have various effects on your neopets. Some neggs will increase your pet's happiness, stats, change their color to a random color, or heal them. Some neggs are one use Battledome items. Other neggs will give you items, like books. Still, other neggs will give your pet Abilities, no matter what level they are currently at.

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