Mystery Island


Mystery Island
Mystery Island.gif
Founding 3rd Day of Hiding, Y1 (May 3, 1999)
Where South-East Area of Main Continent in Ocean
Description "Welcome to Mystery Island, a tropical island hundreds of miles from just about everywhere. You're a guest, so don't make the natives angry!"
Altador Team ACMystery Island.png : Team Mystery Island

Mystery Island is a location on the main map of Neopia in Neopets. An island with wild coconut natives and tribal colored pets and activities. Mystery Island is a place for vacation, trading, and much more for Neopian kind. Located north of Mystery Island is the uninhabited ruins called The Lost City of Geraptiku which contains the remains of an ancient civilization of Mystery Island.


[edit] Mystery Island Alternate Area

The following are areas inside of Mystery Island with stores, buildings, and other local areas:

[edit] Mystery Island Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Mystery Island:

[edit] Mystery Island Hidden Locations

Following locations of Mystery Island were not titled or easily found in it's map:

[edit] Mystery Island Games

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