Founding 30th day of Swimming, Y4 (July 30th, 2002)
Where Center face of Main Continent
Description "Meridell, the land of heroes and legends, was forgotten by the rest of Neopia until a band of unlikely adventurers discovered a strange link to the past. Here you will find a lot fun games, shops, Meridell Castle, Meri Arces Farm... even Morthog Kissing! And eerily hovering in the distance over Meridell is the Darigan Citadel..."
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Meridell is a location on the main map of Neopia in Neopets. Ruled by King Skarl, Meridell is a medieval location where Neopians can play middle ages themed games, visit castles and farms, buy a variety of medievally styled novelties, and can ask the Earth Faerie, Illusen, for a quest! Meridell shares a friendly rivalry with it’s neighboring kingdom, Brightvale, and a harsh rivalry with Darigan Citadel that created the war plots of the Champions of Meridell and Battle for Meridell, along with The Darkest Faerie event which featured in it’s own video game.


[edit] Meridell Hidden Locations

[edit] Meridell Alternate Locations

[edit] Meridell Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Meridell:

[edit] Meridell Games

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