Lutari Island


Lutari Island
Lutari Island.gif
Founding Unknown
Where Oceans of Neopia
Description "A mysterious island floats around the oceans of Neopia. It's never in the same place twice, which makes it quite difficult to track, and all the more intriguing. "

Lutari Island is a location on the main map of Neopia in Neopets. Lutari Island, once a bustling place with it's own markets, bank, healing pools only accessible by an old feature called Neopets mobile, has been clouded with a harsh storm since June 30, 2009 due to Neopets mobile's cancellation. May not be accessible ever again, but there is a chance up to TNT.

[edit] Lutari Island Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Lutari Island, None can be accessed anymore:

[edit] Lutari Island Games

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