Healing Springs


Faerieland Healing Springs
Where Faerieland
Daily duration Once every 30 minutes for healing and shopping.
Description "Welcome to my home of healing and relaxation. What can I do for you today? Maybe I can heal your Neopets, or perhaps you would like to purchase some of my healing potions? -Marina the Water Faerie"

The Healing Springs is a place in Faerieland where you can go every 30 minutes to heal your pets and shop for miscellaneous items. The Healing Springs Faerie can heal your pets stat points, bloated, or fully heal them of disease! She may also give you a snowball, potion, or elixir upon asking for healing service.

[edit] Healing Springs Shop

The spring's little shoppe offers a variety of healing items and snowballs for a small amount of neopoints, but can only sell one item for every 30 minutes of buying. Many would suggest buying healing items and snowballs at the Shop Wizard, to buy as many items you might need without waiting and prices may be lower.

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Healing Potion I

(52 NP)

Healing Potion I.gif Healing Potion II

(27 NP)

Healing Potion II.gif Healing Potion III

(28 NP)

Healing Potion III.gif Healing Potion IV

(25 NP)

Healing Potion IV.gif
Healing Potion V

(37 NP)

Healing Potion V.gif Healing Potion VI

(29 NP)

Healing Potion VI.gif Healing Potion VII

(25 NP)

Healing Potion VII.gif Healing Potion VIII

(25 NP)

Healing Potion VIII.gif
Healing Potion IX

(25 NP)

Healing Potion IX.gif Healing Potion X

(31 NP)

Healing Potion X.gif Lime Elixir

(84 NP)

Lime Elixir.gif Ubikiberry Elixir

(25 NP)

Ubikiberry Elixir.gif
Juicy Elixir

(25 NP)

Juicy Elixir.gif Pale Elixir

(30 NP)

Pale Elixir.gif Healing Potion XI

(29 NP)

Healing Potion XI.gif Healing Potion XII

(35 NP)

Healing Potion XII.gif
Wet Snowball

(33 NP)

Wet Snowball.gif Poison Snowball

(91 NP)

Poison Snowball.gif Super Strength Healing Potion

(225 NP)

Super Strength Healing Potion.gif Dewberry Reviver

(175 NP)

Dewberry Reviver.gif
Bubbling Healing Goo

(200 NP)

Bubbling Healing Goo.gif Essence of Everlasting Apple

(250 NP)

Essence of Everlasting Apple.gif Sticky Snowball

(225 NP)

Sticky Snowball.gif Icy Snowball

(5 NP)

Icy Snowball.gif
Exploding Snowball

(25 NP)

Exploding Snowball.gif Peach Snowball

(25 NP)

Peach Snowball.gif
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