Giant Jelly


Giant Jelly
Giant Jelly.gif
Where Jelly World
Daily duration Once per day
Description "Sitting in the middle of Jelly World is a gigantic jelly... and you know what this means - yes, FREE JELLY for everybody who visits it!!!"
Owner Jelly Keeper

Similar to the Giant Omelette, the Giant Jelly is a free food daily in Neopets. Introduced with the beginning of the hidden location of Neopia, Jelly World! Neopians can grab a piece of a randomly selected jelly themed food once a day for free. A jelly Wocky named the Jelly Keeper runs the place and won't allow you to get another piece until the next day or will tell you if the jelly has been eaten and won't be around until later.

[edit] Jelly Food freebies

When picking up a piece from the Giant Jelly, you will receive one of these Jelly Foods:

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Banana Jelly Banana Jelly.gif Blueberry Jelly Blueberry Jelly.gif Carnpepper Jelly Carnpepper Jelly.gif Cheese Jelly Cheese Jelly.gif Chocolate Jelly Chocolate Jelly.gif
Cornupepper Jelly File:Cornupepper.gif Dung Jelly Dung Jelly.gif Fire Jelly Fire Jelly.gif Fish Jelly Fish Jelly.gif Frozen Jelly Frozen Jelly.gif
Glowing Jelly Glowing Jelly.gif Lemon Jelly Lemon Jelly.gif Lemon Trifle Lemon Trifle.gif Lime Jelly Lime Jelly.gif Lime Trifle Lime Trifle.gif
Lint Jelly Lint Jelly.gif Mint Jelly Mint Jelly.gif Nuts and Bolts Jelly Nuts and Bolts Jelly.gif Oil and Grease Jelly Oil and Grease Jelly.gif Peanut Butter Jelly Peanut Butter Jelly.gif
Pear Jelly Pear Jelly.gif Poisonous Jelly Poisonous Jelly.gif Queela Jelly Queela Jelly.gif Raspberry Jelly Raspberry Jelly.gif Robo Jelly Robo Jelly.gif
Smelly Jelly Smelly Jelly.gif Snotty Jelly Snotty Jelly.gif Squished Jelly Squished Jelly.gif Stone Jelly Stone Jelly.gif Strawberry Jelly Strawberry Jelly.gif
Strawberry Trifle Strawberry Trifle.gif Whole Blunella Jelly Whole Blunella Jelly.gif Whole Chokato Jelly Whole Chokato Jelly.gif Whole Kiwi Jelly Whole Kiwi Jelly.gif Whole Pinanna Jelly Whole Pinanna Jelly.gif
Whole Purplum Jelly File:Whole Purplum.gif Whole Thornberry Jelly File:Whole Thornberry.gif Whole Tigersquash Jelly Whole Tigersquash Jelly.gif
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