Esophagor's Quests


Esophagor's Quests
The Esophagor
Where Haunted Woods
Quest duration 10 quests a day and 2-3 hour limit each
Description "Living in the ground under the Haunted Woods, the Esophagor is always hungry. When he rises out of the ground, he will always find *something* to eat. So the next time you hear the floor shake... make sure you have some food on you to feed to this beast!"

[edit] Doing the Quests

The Escophagor is located in the Haunted Woods. To get a quest, just visit him and accept his quest.

He will ask you for 1-3 spooky food(s) and at a time limit of 2-3 hours. His request can be pricy and may not be worth the task. If you asked the Brain Tree for a quest first, the Escophagor's quest are vital to finding the answers for the tree's quest. You would need to completed two of the Escophagor's quests to find both answers of the Brain Tree's.

[edit] Prizes

As a prize, you will get the Escophagor as a Battledome challenger (the first time you complete a quest) and a random item that are Rarity 89 and below.

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