Brown Snowball


Brown Snowball
Brown Snowball.gif
Release Date Unknown
Type Battle Magic
Weight 2 lbs.
Rarity Index 101
Est. Value 7,000 NP
Description "Eww a brown snowball that is even worse than a yellow one! One Use."
Tags (special)
BD Attack BDearth.gifBDearth.gifBDearth.gifBDwater.gifBDwater.gifBDwater.gif

The Brown Snowball is an item available in Neopets. This type of snowball can only be received randomly by scratching 3 snowballs on a scratchcard from the Ice Caves Scratchcard Koisk in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain.

[edit] Battledome

Many find this snowball very average when it comes to fighting and is often compared to stronger snowballs of around the same price that dish out more damage.