Bank Manager


Bank Manager
Bank Manager.gif
First Appearance Unknown
Occupation National Neopian Bank
Location Neopia Central
Species Skeith

The Bank Manager is a character in Neopets. He is a nameless Skeith who has worked at the National Neopian Bank since it opened. Not much is known about his past, and although he is nameless there has been a couple collectable items released based on him.


[edit] Appearance

The Bank Manager is a green Skeith with small eyes and black pupils. He can be commonly found wearing a black tuxedo and navy blue tie, however his original tie was bright blue. He also is usually carrying a black suit case, its contents are unknown.

[edit] Personality

The Bank Manager is an underdeveloped character and not much is known about him outside his occupation. However based on his job, appearance, and the way he talks it's suggested that his personality is very stoic, but responsible. Running the one of the site's most popular locations and handling money can be a big job, so it is also possible he is very experienced and mature.

[edit] Quotes

"Good afternoon, sir/mam. It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?"

[edit] Related Items

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