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The Great Turmaculus himself.
Where Meridell
Daily duration Once per day and can be awakened at random times throughout the day.
Description "Legends speak of a Petpet who had a gigantic appetite. As he ate, he grew, and as he grew, he ate... until one day this colossal petpet could not move any more."

To see Turmaculus’s Battledome information, please see: Turmaculus (Battledome)

Turmaculus, or "Turmy" for short, is asleep and has been asleep for so long, petpets have dared to awake the massive Turmac for hopes of rewards and riches. He's not one to budge so easily though, in fact he might be asleep for hours before making a move. Depending what mood he's in when he does wake up, your petpet might be in for a treat (or be a tasty treat). Your petpet will be able to challenge the great Turmaculus even when your petpet is in Grave Danger (so choose wisely on who's going).

[edit] Prizes

When Turmaculus is awakened, one of these events will be occur:

  • Receive 100 NP or 350 NP.
  • Your Active Neopet will be fully healed.
  • Your Active Neopet will receive a strength stat boost.
  • Your Active Neopet's Petpet's level will increase.
  • Your Petpet will be eaten and disappear forever. (On the bright side, you will receive an avatar and get him as a Battledome opponent for this!).

Receive one of the prizes bellow:

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Axe Shrub Axe Shrub.gif Beef Jerky Beef Jerky.gif Book of Swords Book of Swords.gif Guide to Knighthood Guide to Knighthood.gif
Lucky Green Boots Lucky Green Boots.gif Medieval Shirt Medieval Shirt.gif Poets Hat Poets Hat.jpg Sausages Sausages.gif
Sword Bush Sword Bush.gif The Tournament Book The Tournament Book.gif Toy Sword Toy Sword.gif Turkey and Potato Dinner Turkey and Potato Dinner.gif

[edit] Avatar

Name Appearance How to Unlock
Turmaculus Turmaculus Avatar.gif Get your pet eaten by Turmaculus.

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